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I am  in a house that is very rundown and  condemable  ,there is raw sewer comming up in the basement  and  black mold in the bathroom . my kids have been sick with flu like symptoms  since we moved in  .  the kids can't play outside  because  there is old cars , refridgerators and broken glass  all over outside  . the landlord  won't fix or cleanup anything  . I found a place to move  but i need rent and deposit  . I have called everywhere there is to call  no one has funds  . I am a disabled single mom of 4 kids  . I also need to be able to get a storage  shed  to rent  because the place i found  there is no storage  at all . but  I can live with that  .I just want to  get my kids moved some where safe  thats what matters .

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I would call the local city office you live in and ask for the code enforcement department. They will come out and look at your sewage and mold. You can look up on the internet the housing laws for your state. It illegal for raw sewage to be coming into your home. Your landlord is responsible for paying for you to stay somewhere until the house meets code . You may even qualify for emergency houseing due to the sewage and the mold. Raw sewage is deadly. Call the health department immediatly. You and your children need to be checked at the hospital for dysentery and shigella. Being exposed to raw sewage is life threatening. Flu- like symptoms are signs of both of these infectious diseases. I cannot stress enough that you need to call the health department immediatly . They will come out to your home. This landlord will be in alot of trouble. In the meanwhile go the the hospital or your doctor asap and get tested. Tell the doctor what is going on. Children can dehydrate very quickly and if they have contracted shigella they need immediate medical attention. I am not trying to scare you but just inform you. I got shigella from a salad bar at a resturant and nearly died. I thought I had the flu. Shigella is when you have ingested feces from another person. Raw sewage will give someone shigella. I thought I had the flu. I went 10days untreated until I ended up in the intensive care unit. I lost 22 pounds in two weeks. I will pray that God gives you strength to stand up to thiis landlord, and wisdom to deal with this situation. I have been through things like this as well. Do what you have to do for your children and yourself, no one will do it but you. God bless.

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